Last BLockbuster Store on Earth

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Scott Thornton takes a selfie last year in front of the Bend, Ore., Blockbuster. The store became the last one in the U.S. last year, and now it’s the only one in the world. (Ryan Brennecke / The Bulletin via AP, file)

The Blockbuster Video store in Bend, Oregon is now the chain’s last remaining video rental store in the world

The Bulletin said the Oregon store shows no signs of closing, as tourists have made it a destination, especially since the Alaska stores closed. Harding told the newspaper many of their visitors don’t rent a movie from the store, but instead buy shirts or other momentos, which are all created by local businesses. Manager Sandi Harding says the store is a tourist attraction and won’t close anytime soon.

But locals have been renting more movies, Harding said, adding that the store usually opens about 10 new accounts a day


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